Part of traveling and exploring is exploring it with good company.

While occasionally I enjoy a solo trip to see some sights and clear my mind, I’m usually accompanied on my adventures — human or dog.


Partner in crime, Sean

Sean is a fellow writer that works for Penn State University in communications. He’s a great photographer (responsible for some of the photos on my Life Disconnected Facebook profile), and loves to travel and explore as much as I do. You can usually find us on a hike or trying new beers somewhere.


In the background, upper Swallow Creek Falls.

Sean at Swallow Creek Falls, Md.



Murphy is the original reason that I got started hiking. A 6-year-old rescue pup, Murphy escaped an abusive past and had a lot of anxiety issues (and still has plenty). We used hiking as a way to burn some of his extra energy while working on training, and got hooked.

He’s a Labrador/Setter mix.




Scout, my other tiny adventure buddy, is another rescue pup. He’s 5 years old and, while he’s a little too skittish to go to public events and activities on adventures with Murphy, he loves to hike as well.

He’s a Chihuahua mix, but our veterinarian hasn’t been able to tell me what the other breed(s) might be.



While these guys are my main travel buddies, I tend to travel often with or to see family and friends, too.

Who’s on your adventure team?

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