Why I started a second business — Studio 1795

If you’ve been following along with this blog for a few years, you know that, in 2017, I launched Hello Social Co. — a social media marketing agency with a focus on growing small businesses and the communities they do business within.

I want to emphasize that word “community.”

A community means so many things to so many different people. For some, it’s a club they belong to, or a church that they go to. Others, especially in the online business world, it’s a group full of like-minded individuals all working towards the same goals. It’s the town we live in, the neighbors we wave to, the mailman that stops by every single day.

To me, community is all of these things — and it’s something that is so important to nurture and help thrive. And in the time that I’ve grown Hello Social Co., “community” has become one of my main values in not only my work, but my personal life as well.

I was lucky that my own community of Bellefonte, Pa., really welcomed me when Sean and I first arrived here in 2017. Almost immediately, we started getting involved in local groups, attending networking events and meeting new people. My involvement with Downtown Bellefonte Inc., where I currently serve as the President of the Board, has really helped me hone in on what my values are over the past three years.

And when I think about what I want to be known for — and what people, I think, already see me as — the word “community” always fits in there. I consider myself to be a Community Connector, in both my work with Hello Social Co., as a volunteer with Downtown Bellefonte Inc., and now, in my new business, Studio 1795.

So what is Studio 1795?

From a general perspective, Studio 1795 is a coworking space by day, and an event venue on the evenings and weekends. But at its heart, it’s a community space.

When Sean and I started to brainstorm what would make coworking more unique here in Bellefonte, it wasn’t about the fancy amenities or the pretty furniture (although we worked hard to provide those, too); it was about the things that would happen within the space. It’s about the connections visitors to the space would make.

Coworking is all about those connections already. Remote workers or business owners that understand the true power of coworking aren’t just there to get out of the house. They’re in a coworking space because they know that the people surrounding them in it are just like them — hustling to make their way in the world. Collaboration and connection is a key part of that.

But coworking isn’t for everyone, and it wouldn’t make the huge community impact that I was longing for. Which is why we opened the space up to private events and workshops, as well.

Now, in just the last week of Studio 1795’s first month in business, we’ve had over 100 individuals come through and make a connection of some kind. We’ve had Community Coffee Chats (through Downtown Bellefonte Inc.) where residents and leaders alike chatted about the future of our town, creative makers’ workshops like Pop-up Journaling and Chunky Blanket Knitting, and a handful of workshops geared towards business owners, too.

The Maker Studio, a business based in Hollidaysburg, Pa., held a Chunky Blanket Knitting Workshop at Studio 1795 in January.

And the most exciting part of it all, is that there’s so much opportunity. The workshop ideas and unique events that have already been planned have blown me away, and I know that this community is going to come up with some crazy cool ways to use the space as time goes on.

Interested in learning more about the Studio? Contact me and let’s talk.

Our Community Manager, Lexi, recently planned a photoshoot to show off how beautiful this space can really be for an event.

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