I’m Ellen, and I’m obsessed with small towns and the amazing things that happen within them.

Small towns are magic. The sense of community and the experiences that are present in them are refreshing and welcome in our hyper-digital world.

On this blog, you’ll find regular updates on what’s happening in the Bellefonte community; as well as my experiences trying to live like a local wherever I go.

I’m a small business owner with two businesses based in downtown Bellefonte. At my agency, Hello Social Co., I help small businesses grow using social media; and Studio 1795 is a coworking and community event space that I launched as a passion project in 2020. Occasionally, you’ll find me writing about what it means to be a business owner, and how I’ve grown as one.

This blog also serves as my professional portfolio, where I share many of the articles that have been published online. I’m a writer at heart (I met my husband in journalism school!), and while I don’t need to freelance to get by, I genuinely enjoy writing for a variety of publications.