I’m Ellen, and I’m the author behind Life Disconnected.

Life Disconnected was started in 2016 as a place to share my adventures in travel as well as lifestyle tips and tricks that I’m learning as I navigate my 20s. You can read a little more about the title of this blog, and the importance of disconnecting, in this post. 

On this blog you’ll find reviews of accommodations, activities, products and more as well as my own personal stories.

This blog also serves as my professional portfolio, where I share many of the articles that have been published in Recreation News, the travel magazine I’m the Creative Editor for. Being the editor of this magazine allows me to experience so much that the Mid-Atlantic region has to offer, and I’m happy to share those experiences with you.

Most importantly, I’m a small business owner. At my agency, Hello Social Co., I help small businesses grow using social media. I’ve learned a lot in my two years of being a small agency owner, and I share stories of entrepreneurship on Life Disconnected.

About the ads on Life Disconnected:

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