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Published / Travel By On October 1, 2018

Downtown Frederick, Maryland, has a lot to love

Early this September, I was able to make a visit to the wonderful Maryland city for a visit with Recreation News co-editor Amanda Williams. When we’re able to visit each other, there’s always an adventure involved — and usually craft beer. As someone who’s obsessed with historic downtowns and their economic vitality, I always love visiting Frederick and drawing inspiration…

Hiking / Travel By On July 21, 2018

We camped in a top-rated site in Pennsylvania!

Remember when I told you that we were going to be adding one of the top-rated camping sites in Pennsylvania to our bucket list? We did it! And it was incredible. Based on the recommendation of blog Mike’s Road Trip, we stayed at site No. 74 in Dew Drop Campground for two nights, and we’ve already decided that this is…

Dogs / Travel By On June 9, 2018

Camping in 2018: What I’m doing differently

While both Sean and I had camped before with our families or friends in the past, the summer of 2017 is the year that we really started camping more as a hobby. We both love hiking and the peacefulness of being outdoors, so it’s probably one of the most perfect activities we can do together as a couple — and…

Gardening / Our Home By On May 29, 2018

Creating our raised-bed vegetable garden

Last year I really got into vegetable gardening. The house we had rented had a small raised bed built already at it that we took advantage of, and my totally novice garden yielded an unimaginable amount of plants – especially tomatoes. Realizing that gardening was a hobby I didn’t know I had, one of the first projects we did when…

Our Home By On May 29, 2018

The biggest adventure yet: Owning a home

How is it possible that I haven’t blogged since FEBRUARY? I had such high hopes for Life Disconnected this year … I was really going to focus on the blog as my creative outlet and write more. But a new, fairly unexpected creative outlet came along. At some point, in the middle of looking for a new apartment to move…

Travel By On February 6, 2018

Camping Goals: This unlisted camp spot in Pennsylvania

Central Pennsylvania is due for about a foot of snow this week, yet for some reason, I’ve got camping on the brain. I think my body is longing for warmer weather and nights sleeping outside. While planning out some of our camping trips last year, I stumbled across a YouTube video for the “best camp spot in Pennsylvania.” I’m pretty…

Travel By On January 1, 2018

Living the urban life at The Cork Factory Lofts

We’ve been to Pittsburgh time and time again. In a former life, it wouldn’t have really been considered a destination, as much as a regular spot that we visited. Sean even lived in the city for a few years. But, since we moved to Central Pennsylvania, going to Pittsburgh has turned into a new kind of experience that requires at…

Personal By On January 1, 2018

New Year’s Declaration: Explore more, write more

This year, Sean and I are taking a different approach to New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, we’re not setting resolutions at all … we’re making declarations. Our lists of declarations include the normal stuff, like getting healthier and saving more money, but this year on mine is a declaration to focus more on Life Disconnected. I was so caught up…